Mayo Clinic Health Systems Press Conference Audio

Mayo Clinic Health Systems Albert Lea – Austin held a press conference for the media to discuss the announced changes at both facilities Tuesday June 13th at 9am. Here is the audio.


Click the link–> MCHS-Changes-Press-Conference

  • Lacey

    This is 21 mins of Mayo’s side.. the nursing staff and MNA chairperson Kathleen Lehman gave a 15-20 min speech to the media outside the hospital “Off hospital grounds” but that is not shared fully. Would you be willing to get the staff member’s affected opinions/side of this?

    • Albert Lea Radio

      Send us the audio and we would gladly post it for you. or link it to our facebook page we don’t want to seem partial.

      • Lacey

        We will work on getting it, if we can.

  • Lacey

    They have a great way of masking the truth. They say the “same number of jobs” will be at each facility, but they don’t say that the exact jobs will exist. People are not just switching sites.. it is not just Changes for “some staff”??? Why not fight for the services we have always had? They have stated number of staff will, in the long run, remain the same, but that doesn’t mean that the current staff will just roll over to Austin and get their jobs… nope as of now, we have no seniority and they don’t want to merge it. So, our staff that have provided excellent pt care for 33+ years and trained in many nurses.. have made changes over the years and work day and night to provide pt care… are at square one bidding for a position.. you’re 50+ years old, but hey… you either take nights or take a hike? This is not fair… this is not right.. so yeah, lots of clinic people or administration can smile and carry on through this change because they aren’t affected. If no one is upset, nothing ever gets done… even if we don’t get our say in the end.. at least we fought for our belief in the hospital the founder’s vision for Albert Lea. This isn’t just a nurse problem… this is a patient problem.. yes, we want our jobs because we are passionate about our jobs and our community we have invested our time, money, dedication into, we have left our homes/families day and night every single day of the year to care for our patients… we want what is best for our community and patients. We want our families to birth here, bring their children here.. we want to see our grandparents here.. we want to stay here.. What would the Naeve family say about this???