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KCPI 94.9 FM, " The Breeze"

KCPI 94.9 FM, “The Breeze”
Sample List of Breeze Music--Christina Aguilera, Creed, Michelle Branch, John Mellancamp,
Sheryl Crow, Beyonce Sting, Matchbox Twenty , Kelly Clarkson

"The Breeze 94.9" is designed for Today' Working Women. "The Breeze 94.9" is not a rock station or a kid's station. Rather, "The Breeze 94.9" is a Hit Music station for Albert Lea listeners who live an active life-style and enjoy their favorite of today's music and yesterdays 80's and 90's.
Programming Lineup
Monday - Friday
6a-11a - Breeze Morning Show with Paul Shea
11a-3p - James Allen Middays
3p-8p- Anthony Gossett
8p-1am - John Tesh Show
6a-Noon - Anthony Gossett
Noon-6p - Rick Vaughn
6p-10p - Casey Kasem Classic 80’s Countdown
7a-Noon - Best of John Tesh
Noon-6p - Rick Vaughn
6p-9p - Casey Kasem Classic 70’s Countdown