Law Enforcement Logs from the Weekend

On Friday at 2 p.m.-19 Year old Dakota Ewards arrested for Domestic Assault

5:42p.m.-A report of $800 stolen by an employee at 201 Main St West

8:24p.m.-42-Year old Sarah Cox arrested for Driving after Revocation

On  Saturday at 11 a.m. an employee reported that her phone and Credit Cards were taken from her purse in the Break Room at 1633 Blake Ave

11:09 a.m.-38-Year old Donald Kimper was arrested and charged with 5th Degree Possession

1:36p.m.-A Counterfeit Bill was found at 901 Main St West

On Sunday-9:27a.m. A report of Meat-Mixer and Teddy Bear was stolen at 2703 Bridge Ave, estimated value of items was $551.00

7:06p.m.-38-Year old Josh Madson was arrested on a Probation Violation

And Early this morning, 22-Year old Justin Stuart was arrested at 711 Fountain st with Burglary and Assault