New Name, New Update To The MN State Fair Swine Barn


Recognizing the critical role that an improved and updated swine facility at the State Fair would play in advancing the swine industry, Minnesota’s own Christensen Farms recently made the lead gift to the State Fair Foundation’s Swine Barn Improvement Project to honor the legacy of the late Bob Christensen. Christensen, a visionary master of the swine industry, was an early adopter of technologies to improve biosecurity and herd health, contract production arrangements, and artificial insemination and genetic advancements. Praised for striving to make improvements throughout the entire pork production chain, he built one of the largest hog production companies in the U.S. and one of the largest family-owned hog production companies in the world.
“The State Fair’s historic swine barn has played a huge role in advancing the swine industry,” said Jerry Hammer, State Fair general manager. “Generations of 4-H, FFA and open class exhibitors have shown their very best while joining with industry leaders to educate millions of fair visitors. We are grateful for Christensen Farms’ continued partnership and dedication to the education and exhibition tradition at the swine barn.”
“We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to make the lead gift to the Swine Barn Improvement Project in tribute to the late Bob Christensen and the Christensen Family,” Glenn Stolt, Christensen Farms Chief Executive Officer commented. “The Swine Barn will be renamed the Robert A. Christensen Pavilion in the family’s honor, to help build upon the legacy for generations to come, and ultimately demonstrate and re-emphasize the importance of Minnesota agriculture and its role in producing safe, nutritional and affordable food.
Over the last three years, the Minnesota State Fair has invested in significant capital improvements to the swine facility which was built more than 80 years ago. Improvements have included:
·      Removed the annex on the barn’s west side enabling the opening of windows and garage doors to improve air quality, sanitation and ventilation
·      Built new wash racks outside the building that help with biosecurity
·      Installed new windows and garage doors on the east side of the barn
·      Replaced decades-old pens with moveable, easy-to-sanitize stalling in half of the building
·      Purchased two new livestock scales
More work needs to be done, and moving forward, the State Fair Foundation will continue to raise funds to:
·      Purchase and install new stalling in the remaining half of the building
·      Purchase new show rings and expanded bleacher seating
·      Create wider livestock entrances
·      Improve lighting and ventilation
·      Repair the brick exterior
·      Upgrade the sound system, technology equipment and fire escape