Awards Banquet held for the Albert Lea Girl’s Tennis team (Pictures)

(Story from Head Coach Jennessa Runia Bade)

Big 9 All-Conference Honorable Mention

All-Conference is the top 24 players in the conference in terms of skill, Honorable mention is the next top 12 players in the conference in terms of skill.

These players are being recognized by all the coaches in the Big 9 conference this year for their high level of tennis.

This year we have two all-conference honorable mentions Rachel and Hannah (good job making the top 36 players in your conference)

Picture Left to Right: Rachel Doppelhammer, Hannah Willner


Hustle Award (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

Varsity- Rachel Doppelhammer

JV/Exhibition- Brooke Tufte

Picture Left to Right: Rachel, Brooke

Most Improved (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

Varsity- Cydney Pathammavong

JV/Exhibition-Ellery Schewe

Picture Left to Right: Cydney, *Ellery not pictured


Best at Net (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

Varsity-Hannah Willner

JV/Exhibition- Gaby Tufte

Picture Left to Right: Hannah, Gaby

Tiger Award (Coaches Award)

Varsity Bree Weilage

*No picture

Best Record (singles or doubles)

This is a varsity player that received the most wins throughout the regular season.

Bree Weilage- 6 wins, Rachel-5 wins, Hannah-5 wins

All-State Academic Awards and Big 9 scholars-Seniors

Picture Left to Right: Marissa Hanson, Cydney Pathammavong, Alyssa Jensen, Hannah Willner



Letter Winners

Back Picture Left to Right:  Rachel, Ava, Lilly, Emery, Bree, Cydney

Front Picture Left to Right: Marissa, Alyssa, Hannah, Emma, Ashlyn