Basketball Scores from Friday January 27th

Basketball Scores from Friday January 27th

In Boys Basketball

-19th ranked Owatonna 81, Albert Lea 36  Tigers are now 4-12

-4th ranked Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial 84, Alden Conger 50  Knights are now 7-9

-Kingsland 50, Glenville Emmons 33   Wolverines are now 3-12

-Faribault Bethlehem Academy 67, NRHEG 41 Panthers are 1-17

-Newman Catholic 75, Northwood Kensett 55  Northwood Kensett is now 5-12

-10th ranked Lake Mills 73 Garner Hayfield Ventura 54  Bulldogs now 17-0.  Denton Kingland with 28 points, Lance Helming with 23 points, 


In Girls Basketball

-Owatonna 71, Albert Lea 52  Tigers are now 1-13

(Story from Head Coach Jodi Schulz)

 At halftime the Tigers were down 22-39 but came back strong in the second half coming within 9 points late in the second half.  Tigers nearly matched Owatonna in turnovers, rebounds  and fouls but shooting percentage is what made the difference in tonight’s game.   The Tigers shot 28% compared to Owatonna’s 38%.   Senior Kristina Espinosa led the Tigers with 21 points and 7 rebounds while sophomore Naveah Wacholz added another double double with 13 points and 10 rebounds.  Jai Maligaya added another 11 to the total.  

 -NRHEG 79, Faribault Bethlehem Academy 40  Panthers are now 9-0 in the conference, 13-2 overall  Produce State Bank Athlete of the week Sidney Schultz led the way with 22 points, Faith Nielsen with 18 points.  

– Madelia 73, USC 62 Rebels fall to 2-7

-Northwood Kensett 52, Newman Catholic 41  Northwood Kensett is 9-8  Chloe Costello with 22 in the win

-Garner Hayfield Ventura 55, Lake Mills 47  Bulldogs are now 7-11