Comments on EPA Atrazine Proposal

More than 16,000 farmers and agricultural organizations recently united against EPA’s proposed revision to its 2020 atrazine registration review decision. The farmers and agricultural organizations representing corn, citrus, grain sorghum, sugar cane, and other crops, submitted comments calling for the agency to base decisions on credible scientific evidence. Efforts to help farmers speak out against the proposal were coordinated by the Triazine Network, a diverse coalition of state and national agricultural groups that rely on atrazine and other triazine herbicides to control weeds. The atrazine comment period ended on October 7. In their comments, growers expressed frustration with the EPA’s lack of transparency and its repeated efforts to implement measures that would end effective use of atrazine for weed control. In addition to the ultra-low 3.4 ppb level, EPA doubled and tripled down by creating an over-predictive model that predicted 72 percent of U.S. corn acres would be in violation.