Friday at 4:06 p.m. 35-Year old Nicholas Johnson cited for uninsured vehicle and expired Registration

4:39 p.m. 52-Year old Shane Engen arrested for 4th Degree DWI

11:07 p.m. 53-Year old Irineo Hernanedez  cited No Drivers License

11:49 p.m. 43-Year old Anna Haugerud cited Driving after Revocation

Saturday at 1:59 p.m. 25-Year old Haylee Lynch arrested for Domestic Assault

11:08 p.m. 32-Year old Jon Schuyler arrested for 2nd Degree DWI, refusal to stop and hit and run violation

Sunday at 1:46 a.m. 25-Year old Ryeder Gonzalez arrested on local warrant

9:34 a.m. 37-Year old Catherine Sandberg arrested on Disorderly obstruction

1:17 p.m. 25-Year old Kelsey Schreiber cited failure to stop for stop sign

2 p.m. 58-Year old Timothy Crowder arrested for obstructing firefighting

3:26 p.m. 25-Year old Guillermo Garcia cited No Driver’s License

5:22 p.m. 28-Year old Daniel Kump cited No proof of Insurance

8:47 p.m. 33-Year old Kristina Wright cited for having dog running at large