8:16 a.m. 48-Year old Joshua Meyer arrested on Faribault County Warrant

6:17 p.m. 59-Year old Diane Solberg cited for Seatbelt Violation

8:10 p.m. 55-Year old Sean Bogren arrested for Trespass and Indecent Exposure

8:26 p.m. 25-Year old Kristine Bergeron cited use of wireless Device


1:50 p.m. 32-Year old Adam Haas arrested on Mower County Warrant

6:32 p.m. 39-Year old Kevin Widmer cited Driving after Revocation

11 p.m. 18-Year old Benjamin Cheesman cited Exhibition Driving and No proof of Insurance and 20-Year old Anthony Cully cited No seat belt


3:33 a.m. 19-Year old Shawn Franklin arrested 2nd Degree Assault, Domestic Assault and Threats of violence

10:16 p.m. 31-Year old Jeremy Young cited Failure to stop at stop sign