Friday at 8:12 am-Brian Manuel arrested on a local warrant at the Courthouse

Saturday at 4:35 am-Francisco Guerrero arrested for Obstruction without force

6:19 am. Joshua Meyer arrested for Domestic Assault

3:07 p.m. 31-Year old Brittni Sackett arrested on a Olmsted County Warrant

3:08 p.m. 26-Year old Jennifer Borg arrested for Misdemeanor theft at Wal Mart

Sunday 1:17 am-25-Year old Alecia Avery cited for possession of 1.4grams of Marijuana

3:44 p.m.-A report of a battery stolen out of a Genie Lift at 426 Adams St.  Value was listed at $100.00

9:03 p.m. A $100 dollar counterfeit bill was received at 2221 East Main St

Sheriff’s Office:

Sunday at 1:23 am-Kelly Moore was arrested for DWI

3:20 p.m.-19-Year old Sean Smith arrested for Shoplifting at Wal Mart