Minnesota Farm Bureau Continues Tradition at State Fair

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) State Fair exhibit continues tradition at the Minnesota State Fair, but this year with a different theme — Farmers Produce More than Produce. MFBF believes it is important to understand where your food comes from, how it is grown and what everyday items come from agriculture.

The newly renovated MFBF display this year is focused on sharing the opportunity to learn agricultural facts about products that consumers find at the grocery store, understand common agricultural myths and the truth behind them and meet farmers from across Minnesota. MFBF has created an opportunity where Minnesota farmers will be volunteering all 12 days of the State Fair at the MFBF building. This gives fairgoers a chance not only to meet the farmers who are raising and growing their food, but to ask questions as well.

“Teaching others about the items they use every day from farms and ranches is important. We need people to realize everyday items from agriculture are so much more than what is on our dinner plate,” Ruth Linkenmeyer-Meirick, Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation Director.

Complete with 2-D decoder displays and glasses, Minnesota ag trivia games, MFBF recognition of Centennial and Sesquicentennial farm families, membership information and a grocery store checkout filled with several Minnesota products, there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn at the MFBF building.

Adults and children both have an opportunity to learn something new about Minnesota agriculture and share it with our volunteers. Those who do will be given a Farm Bureau lunch bag or a spatula.

The MFBF State Fair building is located at 1305 Underwood Street, directly across from the Food Building and behind the giant slide. The State Fair runs through Sept. 6. Come on out and see the continued tradition at the MFBF State Fair building.