Drier conditions finally prevailed throughout all of
Minnesota leading to 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork
during the week ending November 3, 2019, according to
USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Field
activities for the week mostly consisted of harvesting
crops, but there were limited reports of some fall tillage and
manure spreading. The crops coming out of fields are often
reported as wetter than usual for this time of year, with
many producers looking to dry their crop.
Topsoil moisture condition was rated 0 percent very short,
1 percent short, 61 percent adequate and 38 percent
surplus. Subsoil moisture condition was rated 0 percent
very short, 1 percent short, 62 percent adequate and
37 percent surplus.
Corn harvested for grain reached 44 percent, 11 days
behind the average. Corn moisture content of grain at
harvest averaged 22 percent, down 3 percent from the
previous week. Corn harvested for silage reached
97 percent this week, 16 days behind normal. Corn
condition was rated 56 percent good to excellent, a slight
improvement from the previous week. Eighty percent of
the soybean crop has been harvested, 8 days behind last
year and 2 weeks behind average.
Dry edible beans harvested reached 79 percent this week,
36 days behind the average. Sunflowers harvested reached
37 percent this week, 18 days behind normal. Sunflower
condition rated 70 percent good to excellent, increasing
from the previous week. Potatoes harvested reached
96 percent, 16 days behind average. Sugarbeet harvest
was 70 percent complete, 3 weeks behind normal.