NCGA Elects Four Members to Serve on Corn Board

Delegates attending the National Corn Growers Association’s (NCGA) Corn Congress, which was held July 20 in Washington D.C., elected four farmers to serve on the organization’s Corn Board.  Taking office on Oct. 1, the start of NCGA’s 2024 fiscal year, are new board members Troy Schneider of Colorado, Kelly Nieuwenhuis of Iowa and Bill Leigh of Illinois. Current board member Jed Bower of Ohio was re-elected. All four candidates were elected to three-year terms.

“This year’s Corn Board candidates brought impressive records of service to their fellow farmers,” said NCGA Nominating Committee Chairman Chris Edgington. “Their willingness to share their time and talent serves as a testament to the importance of the work we do. I look forward to watching how the insights, ideas, experiences and perspectives each brings helps guide NCGA’s work to build a bright future for corn farmers across the country.”

The NCGA Corn Board represents the organization on all matters while directing both policy and supervising day-to-day operations. Board members represent the federation of state organizations, supervise the affairs and activities of NCGA in partnership with the chief executive officer and implement NCGA policy established by the Corn Congress. Members also act as spokesmen for the NCGA and enhance the organization’s public standing on all organizational and policy issues.