Owner treated at scene of Albert Lea house Fire Monday morning

Albert Lea Fire Rescue, Albert Lea Police Department, and Mayo Clinic Ambulance responded to the house fire at 411 Commercial St at 5:50am today (October 17th). Upon arrival, fire crews found light smoke coming from the rear of the building.  They entered the home, found and evacuated the owner, who was treated and released by Mayo Ambulance at the scene.  No other injuries from the fire were reported.

Fire crews worked through the home and found the fire in the basement.  They extinguished the main fire, and remained on the scene for about an hour putting out hot spots and flames that had extended into the walls

Albert Lea Fire Rescue determined the cause to be an electrical wire held in place with a staple nailed too tightly to a wood beam.  The wire deteriorated, allowing electricity to discharge or arc and ignite the beam. Damage are estimated at about $5,000