Safeguarding Production Technologies and Practices for 2022

Taking a close look at and defending the inputs used to grow corn every year will be an important goal for the Production Technology Access Action Team (PTAAT) of the National Corn Growers Association in 2021, according to Illinois farmer Kate Danner.

Fertilizer prices are on the top of every farmer’s mind right now, says Kate Danner, chairperson of PTAAT, and it’s important that organizations like NCGA examine all options to have a positive impact on issues like these.

“NCGA exists to work for the nation’s corn growers and defend their interests,” says Danner, a farmer from northwest Illinois. “Skyrocketing fertilizer prices are just one of the issues we’re working to tackle right now.”

Last year PTAAT commissioned a study to better understand the fertilizer market, what factors are contributing to the current increase in prices and, importantly, what options exist for NCGA to have an influence on price. The outcomes of that study will lead NCGA to continue to fight to reduce or eliminate the current tariffs in place in order to increase competition in the marketplace.

PTAAT also closely follows the challenges confronting other corn inputs, including biotech seeds and crop protection products.

“Every farmer knows that the products they use on their field are likely under fire in some way,” says Danner. “NCGA and PTAAT are charged with defending those products in a variety of ways – and showcasing how they contribute to larger sustainability goals – on our behalf and in protection of our future access to them.”

Raising awareness of the importance of protecting and supporting pollinators like honeybees and monarch butterflies will continue to be a front-burner issue for Corn Growers as well.

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