Temporary ban on poultry events and exhibits lifting on Friday, July 1

The Board’s temporary ban on poultry events and exhibitions is set to expire on Friday, July 1. This ban was first enacted as animal health officials responded to cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) across the state this spring. It was extended twice because cases continued to pop up and officials felt these types of poultry events could pose a risk of HPAI being unknowingly transmitted.

With the warmer weather of June and the busy bird migrations slowing around the state, the risk of HPAI spreading in the environment has dropped enough to safely open up poultry events again. Apply for a community sale and exhibition permit online. There are specific requirements for poultry at community sales, which are defined as an event where two or more persons come together to offer for sale livestock or poultry for purposes other than immediate slaughter. Review the Board’s poultry sale requirements.