Midnight 20-Year old Damian Velazquez arrested for Burglary, 2nd Degree Assault, threat of violence, domestic assault, flee on foot and local warrant

2:22 p.m. 69-Year old Gary Scott arrested for DWI


4:43 a.m. 51-Year old Kenny Mcgee arrested on two outstanding warrants

10:26 a.m. 24-Year old Karissa Reimers arrested on Mower County warrant

12:47 p.m. 41-Year old Derek Hacker turned himself in on warrant

3:13 p.m. 60-Year old Miguel Domingo cited Driving after Revocation

4:04 p.m. 56-Year old Lori Aase arrested for Domestic Assault

6:07 p.m. 71-Year old Kent Spellman arrested for 2nd Degree DWI Refusal


8:32 a.m. 34-Year old Juan Vazquez Cruz cited for Driving after Revocation, expired Registration

9:43 a.m. 57-Year old Jeffrey Riedmaier cited Dog at Large

10:47 p.m. 41-Year old David Villerreal arrested on local warrant