MN Crop Progress

Most of Minnesota’s farmers received some muchneeded rain, resulting in 4.9 days suitable for
fieldwork for the week ending August 13, 2023,
according to the USDA’s National Agricultural
Statistics Service. Fieldwork included harvest of small
grains and chopping corn for silage.
Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 19 percent very
short, 39 percent short, 41 percent adequate, and
1 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were
rated 17 percent very short, 42 percent short,
40 percent adequate, and 1 percent surplus.
Corn in the dough stage reached 77 percent, 13 days
ahead of last year and 8 days ahead of the 5-year
average. The dent stage reached 17 percent. Corn
condition rated 44 percent good to excellent. Corn for
silage harvest began at 1 percent.
Soybeans were 96 percent blooming. Soybeans
reached 85 percent setting pods and started turning
color at 1 percent. Soybean condition was 47 percent
good to excellent.
Barley was 30 percent harvested. Barley condition was
to 59 percent good to excellent. Oats were 59 percent
harvested. Spring wheat reached 97 percent coloring
and 28 percent was harvested. Spring wheat condition
was 48 percent good to excellent.
Dry edible beans reached 98 percent blooming with
88 percent of the crop setting pods and 5 percent
dropping leaves. Dry edible beans condition was
46 percent good to excellent. Harvest of the potato
crop was at 4 percent with condition of the crop rating
84 percent good to excellent. Sugarbeet condition was
90 percent good to excellent. Sunflower condition was
54 percent good to excellent.
The second cutting of alfalfa hay was at 94 percent.