NCGA Urges Advocates and Allies to Ask Congress to Advance Farm Bill

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) launched a campaign today that encourages advocates and allies to contact their congressional delegation about the importance of passing a bipartisan, comprehensive farm bill in 2023 that will support and protect the corn industry.

NCGA president, Tom Haag, noted the importance of this opportunity and the need for corn growers to send a strong, unified message to Capitol Hill.

“Farm bills only come around every five years. Sandwiched between legal jargon and formalities is language that directly affects the operations and livelihoods of corn growers,” said Haag. “This bill funds programs that help us stay in business in the tough years; support our continued stewardship and conservation of the land; explore new foreign markets; and advance innovative research. The stakes are high. We need a comprehensive, bipartisan bill that will protect and bolster corn, America’s crop.”

NCGA has been working diligently since the implementation of the last farm bill to thoughtfully develop recommendations for the 2023 farm bill by surveying membership, processing input from Action Teams and grower leaders, and analyzing the political environment. You can find more information about NCGA’s farm bill priorities here.

Take action and contact your elected officials.