Corn Farmers Launch Campaign to Open Minds, Share Sustainability Story in Washington


ST. LOUIS (May 3, 2021) – This Saturday, key public policy influencers in our nation’s capital met the corn farmers of America’s Heartland in their homes, at the airport, and even while listening to their favorite podcasts as the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) launched a campaign highlighting their incredible sustainability story. By reaching “Inside the Beltway,” this campaign, made possible by a collaboration with state associations and highlighting the authentic stories of corn farmers, is designed to open doors and build trust by highlighting the role farmers play in combatting today’s most pressing environmental issues.

“Even in 2021, corn farming remains, at its heart, a family operation rooted in the earth,” said John Linder, NCGA President and a farmer from Ohio. “In many cases, such as mine, this vocation goes back multiple generations. America’s family farmers take great pride in the past, but we are working to build a future with healthy soil, clean air and clean water. Whether you live in D.C. or Edison, work in Congress or a tractor cab, we care about the future of our families and want the best for them. Working together, corn farmers can break down the barriers that stand between us and our goals for tomorrow.”

This campaign, created by National Corn Growers Association and its state affiliates in collaboration, supports ongoing work in Washington to build relationships based on our many common shared values with authentic stories and backed up by facts.

“We have a great story – but it has to be told. Through this campaign, we put real faces on today’s family farmers to showcase the environmental advances being made in the industry and share the excitement around innovation in ag,” said Linder.