Friday at 2:42 a.m. 34-Year old Arsenio Hanson arrested on Mower County Warrant

9:04 a.m. A report of a propane tank stolen off of forklift at 201 West Main St.  Value was listed at $200.00

11:25 p.m. 31-Year old Adam Haas and 37-Year old Sylvia Cramer arrested on local warrant


5:51 a.m. 48-Year old Jermey Richardson arrested for DWI and 5th Degree Possession

9:35 a.m. 27-Year old Donald McCormick arrested on local warrant and 34-Year old Samantha Gunhammer arrested on Faribault County Warrant

8:30 p.m. 40-Year old Cory Flatness arrested on 5th Degree Possession and Mower County Warrant


9:14 a.m. 38-Year old Kristin Anderson arrested on local warrants

2:16 p.m. 74-Year old Slyvia Hertel held on local warrant

11:31 p.m. 49-Year old Sheila Jones arrested on Martin County Warrant