Ranking Member David Scott’s Statement on the House Republican Budget Resolution

WASHINGTON – House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member David Scott today released the below statement in response to the House Republican budget resolution that would make devastating cuts to programs that support America’s agricultural sector and low-income families.

“Today’s Republican budget resolution is stale, shortsighted, ineffective, and irresponsible. Unfortunately, this is what we have come to expect from the relentless infighting and chaos within the House Republican Conference, whose most extreme members are threatening a dangerous government shutdown. Lacking solutions to today’s problems, the Republicans propose decades-old, false arguments in a budget where the math simply doesn’t add up.

“These budget provisions, which threaten the food security of tens of millions of Americans, have been pushed by the right-wing of the House Republican Party for decades, and they reek of the same cynicism and opportunism today as they did back then.

“If our national budget is a values document that showcases the priorities of our country, then the values of the House Freedom Caucus and the Speaker’s Office are abundantly clear: rather than produce fresh ideas that provide solutions for real problems facing the American people, they fight among themselves and blame the Biden Administration for their own faults.

“This budget does nothing to ensure the continued viability of American agriculture or address the needs that the House Agriculture Committee outlined in its bipartisan letter earlier this year to the House Budget Committee to help it write a farm bill. Instead, it shortchanges the farm bill, focuses on tax cuts for the rich, and undermines the bipartisan work we do on the House Agriculture Committee every day.”