Syngenta helps growers Find More Bushels and more rewards in 2022

Syngenta wants to help growers plan their 2022 National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Yield Contest entries by unlocking their fields’ full potential through the 2022 Find More Bushels program. The program aims to help growers discover more bushels per acre (bu/A) with Acuron corn herbicide ― the only corn herbicide shown to outyield others by 5-15 bu/A due to its powerful weed control, longest-lasting residual and proven crop safety.1

The NCGA supports new and innovative practices to raise higher yields through its National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC). The annual competition provides a glimpse of the maximum yields that are possible when growers combine sound agronomics with industry-leading inputs.

“Each year we are impressed by U.S. corn growers’ enthusiasm for pushing the boundary of yield potential in the NCYC,” said Shawn Hock, herbicide product marketing lead for Syngenta. “Weed control with long-lasting residual and proven crop safety is an important part of increasing yield potential. We want growers to continue to find higher yields, and Acuron can help them do that.”

Growers who sign up for the Find More Bushels Program and use Acuron on their NCYC-entry fields are eligible to receive exclusive in-season rewards. Program participants who are 2022 NCYC winners (either published 1st, 2nd or 3rd place National Winners or 1st place State Winners) are eligible for their choice of either a trip for two to Commodity Classic 2023 in Orlando, Florida, or a DTN Ag Weather Station with a 12-month MyDTN subscription.

Growers who enroll in the program will get access to the in-season rewards, but most importantly, will have the opportunity for higher yield potential. So how does Acuron unlock more yield?

  • Powerful Weed Control: Contains four active ingredients (AIs), including the unique AI bicyclopyrone, and three effective sites of action for more consistent weed control. Stopping weeds before they even emerge prevents early-season yield loss
  • Longest-Lasting Residual: Delivers unmatched burndown and residual control of 70+ grass and broadleaf weeds until crop canopy and beyond. Season-long residual helps fully protect yield potential
  • Proven Crop Safety: Provides excellent crop safety with application flexibility from 28 days preplant up to 12-inch corn. Even in cool, wet conditions, Acuron is unlikely to injure your corn when used according to the label
  • Higher Yield Potential: Outyields competitive herbicides by 5-15 bu/A[1]

Enroll in the 2022 Find More Bushels program. See complete requirements and rules here. Discover why Acuron is worth the cost. Watch this interactive video and decide for yourself. For more information about Acuron, visit Join the conversation online ― connect with Syngenta at